Regulating surrogacy would mean recognising the right of everyone to use women as surrogate mothers

Ana-Luana Stoicea-Deram Feminist activist and President of the Collective for the Respect of the Person Article updated in 2023 In March 2023, the Hague Conference appointed a new group of experts on parentage and . Based on the principle that ” agreements date back to biblical times” (2012 Report), the Conference aims to achieve transnational […]

Fact sheet: Surrogacy Worldwide

This fact sheet provides an overview of the different forms and laws of surrogacy around the world. We’ll look briefly at how surrogacy is treated in different countries, as well as its definitions, concepts, regulations, scope and origins. l/The different types of surrogacies Definition: Surrogacy is defined as the social practice of recruiting, with or […]

Fact sheet: surrogacy and children

Very little research has been done on the effects of surrogacy on the children born from it. That’s why we explored the websites and blogs that tell the stories of children born through surrogacy. An analysis of these testimonies led us to identify several common themes. A sense of rejection To begin with, a prevalent […]

Fact sheet – Medical Reproductive technologies: Is Surrogacy a part of MPA?

Medical reproductive techniques, collectively referred to as MPA (Medically Assisted Procreation), encompass the manipulation of eggs and/or sperm to facilitate pregnancy[1]. These techniques can address specific challenges in achieving conception without necessarily addressing the underlying causes of infertility. Notable MPA methods include artificial insemination and in vitro fertilization, which are available to individuals and couples […]

Fact sheet: Surrogacy and Consent

When giving in is not consent This factsheet delves into the concept of consent and is essential to remind us of the reality surrounding practices and the role of surrogates, who are the most deeply involved in surrogacy. The consent argument is employed by neoliberal and pro-surrogacy advocates to justify women’s freedom to engage in […]

Fact Sheet: Surrogacy and Prostitution

Surrogacy and prostitution are two distinct and complex issues with significant differences. They do share some common features, which are explored below: stakehoders, beneficiaries, regulation… Surrogacy must be considered as violence against women exploited for their reproductive capacities. Reproductive violence  also includes the commercialisation of ooccytes, forced sterilisation, forced abortion and lack of legal access […]

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