Joint statement on surrogacy

Women’s and human rights organisations call on the European Commission and Parliament to include the crime of reproductive exploitation of women in all their legislative initiatives as violence against women and as trafficking in human beings. Access to the PDF document  Surrogacy joint Statement final Forward By reproductive exploitation, we refer to: prohibition of abortion, […]

Migrant women and reproductive exploitation[1] in the surrogacy industry. Joint investigation by ENoMW & ICASM

Research, carried out in 2021-2022 by ICASM and ENoMW on the use of women as “surrogate mothers”, oocyte donors or forced pregnancies in cross-border practices. (Study also available in PDF ENG Final Migration and surrogacy)     Migrant women and reproductive exploitation[1] in the surrogacy industry Introduction The International Coalition for the Abolition of Surrogacy […]

Petition to condemn the Hague Conference draft protocol and the Verona Principles as they aim at organising cross-border reproductive exploitation

The undersigned, feminist associations and other civil society organisations, as defenders of women’s and children’s human rights, consider that the two initiatives mentioned will facilitate and therefore encourage cross-border surrogacy, based on a misleading interpretation of the best interests of the child, trampling on women’s rights, for the sole benefit of those who have no […]

Criticism of the Hague Conference approach: Protocol “For the Recognition of Legal Parentage Established as a Result of an International Surrogacy Contract”

Despite the human rights violations involved in surrogacy, the decision to persevere for more than a decade in creating an international instrument to organise this practice is worrying. We condemn the decision to follow this path, instead of really fighting for the rights of children and women who pay a high price for this misogynistic […]


The Hague Conference on private international law has been working on the issue of surrogacy since 2001. Although aware of the harms of surrogacy, which she describes as a globalized market, she perseveres in an approach that, in the long term, will socially legitimize its practice, reducing in the eyes of public opinion women to […]

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