Surrogacy, a reproductive violence on women (In person event)

20-24 March 2023


Day, time and venue to be confirmed later



Surrogacy,  a way to bypass any protective legislation for women

The ban on surrogacy is under attack in Europe, but in Asia total openness to reproductive tourism is gradually being abandoned in favor of increasingly restrictive regulations. The market, however, unfortunately has not said its last word and is opening new commercial destinations every day

Marie Josèohe Devillers. She has long been active in the lesbian cultural and political feminist movements. Confronted in France with the homosexual demand for surrogacy in the early 2010s, she alerted feminist organisations to the need to oppose it. To this end, she and others founded ICASM (International Coalition for the Abolition of Surrogate Motherhood), which she co-chairs.




Reproductive extractivism in Latin America’s wombs

The war in Ukraine and Asia’s increased restrictions on surrogacy have turned Latin America into the most promising land for the reproductive industry boom. Added to the international context are the endemic conditions of the continent, the most violent and dangerous for women, where 50% of them live in poverty.

María J. Binetti  Ph.D. in Philosophy, MA in Women and Gender Studies, researcher at the National Council for Scientific and Technical Researching (CONICET – Argentina) and a postgraduate professor at several national universities. Activist for the women’s sex-based rights in the International Campaign Women’s Declaration.



how hegemonic discourses legitimize and normalize surrogacy
Looking at three magazine, from a celebrity magazine, a business magazine, and an academic/literary magazine all three present surrogacy as normal, positive, and inevitable, while obscuring the power relations inherent in the practice..

Kajsa Ekis Ekman. Swedish author and journalist. She has written four books, translated into several languages, about capitalism, economic crises, and women’s rights. She lectures internationally on prostitution and surrogacy. She is a regular contributor to the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet and is a columnist in the Norwegian newspaper Klassekampen.



Lucero Vega –  Moderator

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