280 Women’s Rights Organisations, 3300 signatories from 56 countries are calling for a ban on trade with surrogacy motherhood

Nov 25, on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, the women’s movement call for a global ban on trade with women as surrogate mothers.


The background of the Call is an upcoming International Convention by the Hague Conference on Private Law (HCCH) to regulate international surrogacy arrangements. Conventions of the HCCH is legally binding for Member States that ratify them.


In their attempt to regulate international surrogacy arrangements, the HCCH is overstepping its mandate. The issue of surrogacy motherhood is a matter of human rights, not private law. Furthermore, there is a severe conflict of interests, as three of the Experts of HCCH proposing regulation are persons professionally involved in the surrogacy industry.

Undersigning organisations are now calling on Member States of the HCCH to end their project on surrogacy and to work for the abolition of all forms of forms of trade in children and women for reproductive services.

Read the Call here.

Read more about the HCCH work on surrogacy here.


Today at 3pm ICASM are hosting a press briefing and webinar about the HCCH and the global call.

Join the press briefing here. Access with the code: 228375



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