ICASM Intervention at the NGO CSW65 Virtual Forum 23 March 2021 -7 pm CET

Registration for the Parallel Event “Surrogacy: a violence against women from a feminist perspective”, 23 March 2021 at 7 PM CET (Madrid, Berlin, Paris Time)!

2 steps:

Step 1. Create a profile on the virtual platform of the NGO CSW65 by registering for free – click HERE In the small square box, choose 1 instead of 0

Wait to receive a log in  in your inbox (less than 48h) to create your password then go to step 2.

Without this profile, you can only access the agenda gathering the various events of the forum and their descriptions, but not attend them.

Step 2. Log in with your email and password,  then again free of charge, register to the ICASM parallel event “Surrogacy: a violence against women from a feminist perspective” by clicking on this LINK then click in RESERVE SLOT as shown below. You will be automatically registred for this envent and listed under “people”

Insctruction pour Click


Programme CSW 23 mars

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