ICASM Newsletter – November 2023

Strength in Numbers: Petition Success Against Hague Conference 

Appreciation goes out to the 8200 individuals (500 organizations) who signed the petitions opposing the Hague Conference’s initiatives regarding “parentage in the context of surrogacy.” The most recent petition garnered an additional 1,400 signatures on top of the previous ones. Together, these petitions represent a collective effort involving both individuals and organizations.

Check out the accompanying images displaying maps of Latin America, North America, Asia, Europe, and Africa, illustrating the geographical distribution of signatures from individuals and organizations.

Explore the statistics and the impactful global support we’ve received.

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Rally Highlights Against Hague Conference Initiatives

Relive the powerful rally staged against the Hague Conference’s initiatives concerning “parentage in the context of surrogacy.” If you haven’t had a chance to witness it, here is a video recording: https://youtu.be/goXhO1BaGMY

We extend sincere gratitude to the organizations that sent one or more of their members to participate, displaying resilience in the face of challenging weather conditions, including rain, wind, cold, and long distances.

Special acknowledgment goes to ICASM – CIAMS International Coalition for the Abolition of Surrogate Motherhood (France), PDF Québec (Canada), CEL Centre Evolutif Lilith (France), CoRP (Collectif pour le Respect de la Personne) (France), Fórum de Política Feminista (Spain), CQFD Lesbiennes féministes (France), Filia (UK), FINAARGIT – Se non Ora Quando Libere (Italy), Swedish women’s lobby (Sweden), Japan Coalition Against Surrogacy Practices (Japan), SCUM (France), and Members of Regard de Femmes (France).
Your unwavering support amplifies our collective voice in this crucial cause

Speeches by the organisations taking part in the rally in The Hague on 13 11 2023 HER

Surrogacy Bill Reform in the UK Postponed

The proposed reform of the UK surrogacy bill ihas been put on hold. It had been been metwith opposition from feminists and members of ICASM due to concerns that it prioritizes the needs of commissioning people and that regulating is not a solution.

The UK government cited the unavailability of parliamentary time as the reason for notadvancing the recommended changes at this moment. The lingering question now revolves around the future fate of this proposal, leaving uncertainty about what actions the next government will take. For more information on the surrogacy project, visit https://lawcom.gov.uk/project/surrogacy/

Developments in Japan 
Surrogacy excluded from upcoming Draft Bill 

Lawmakers have decided to exclude surrogacy from the upcoming draft bill in Japan, indicating a temporary halt to surrogacy legalization efforts.They said there were strong anti-surrogacy opinions so that they decided  not to mention surrogacy in the bill.

This decision, reported by Japanese mass media (Jiji, Nikkei), focuses on legalizing sperm and egg “donation” among heterosexual married couples, with disclosure of donors’ information. . (all these information was received from our organization member from Japan)

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