At the Hague 13 11 2023. ICASM and Allies Challenged HCCH’s Global Surrogacy Project

Speeches by the organisations taking part in the rally in The Hague on 13 11 2023

Access to the speeches here (PDF document) : speeches for HCCH

Access the video recording of the rally


Critiques of the HCCH’s potential role in legitimizing and regulating surrogacy.

 Organizations speeches from:

    • ICASM – CIAMS International Coalition for the Abolition of Surrogate Motherhood-France
    • PDF Québec – Canada
    • CEL Centre Evolutif Lilith – France
    • CoRP (Collectif pour le Respect de la Personne) – France
    • Fórum de Política Feminista – Spain
    • CQFD Lesbiennes féministes – France
    • Filia – UK
    • FINAARGIT- Se Non Ora Quando Libere – Italy
    • Swedisch women’s lobby SVENSKA- Sweden
    • Japan Coalition Against Surrogacy Practices – Japan





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