Book on Surrogacy – Call for paper

ICASM, International Coalition for the Abolition of Surrogate Motherhood, launches a call for contributions for a forthcoming publication

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This book should draw up a kind of inventory of abolitionist feminist points of view on Surrogacy, crossing a variety of viewpoints and different approaches (essays, studies, testimonies, chronicles, humour, …).


We warmly invite community leaders, activists, civil society people, academics, professionals …to respond to this call for papers



Contribution rules


Possible Topics

Quantitative data

  • Surrogacy market: Who are the actors and
    the beneficiaries?
  • Polls : how to interpret them?
  • Surrogacy statistics
  • Surrogacy throughout the world

Personal experiences

  • Resistance to reproductive pressure
    (society, family …)
  • Gays under pressure to have babies
  • Lesbians facing gay demand for surrogacy
  • Magistrates, politicians, teachers,
    heath patricians and surrogacy
  • Couples relationship
Deconstruct stereotypes such as:

  • Surrogacy is medical
  • “My body, my choice” :  surrogacy is about
    individual freedom
  • With gestational surrogacy, there is no
    mother-child link
  • Being against surrogacy is homophobic
  • Refusing surrogacy is being reactionary
  • Strictly controlled surrogacy is ethical
  • Surrogacy is altruistic
  • Access to surrogacy and abortion are part
    of the same struggle
  • Surrogacy a matter of equality: MAP for lesbians, Surrogacy for gays

Different perspectives

    • Surrogacy and policy positions
    • Equality, dignity… (human principles)
      and surrogacy
    • Surrogacy and ethics
    • Surrogacy and religion
    • Surrogacy in history
    • Surrogacy and  neo-liberalism

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