ICASM Newsletter – June 2023


Following the event organised by ICAMS in New York in March 2023 (CSW67), we sent a statement to all UN Rapporteurs and Agencies involved in one way or another with the issue of surrogacy, highlighting the extent to which surrogacy undermines women’s rights.

In response, the UN Rapporteur on violence against women invited us to a first contact meeting. We hope that she will be able to issue a communication on surrogacy, as she has done on other issues, such as



22 /05/2023. We took part in the event “A Europe without prostitution” organised by ENoMW, CAP international and SPACE international in Brussels. …Ana Luana Stoicea Deram (ICAMS) highlighted the link between prostitution and surrogacy.  .

23/5/2023 To ensure that surrogacy is taken into account in EU initiatives affecting women’s rights, we held meetings with MEP assistants:.

  1. Directive on violence against women. 2 amendments attempt to include surrogacy in the list of violence against women, but to no avail. Too many MEPs are fighting to reject the condemnation of pimping and the purchase of sex in favour of “forced prostitution” (a pleonasm!). What’s more, rape will be excluded from this directive! It’s a disgrace! Protest by signing this petition before 22 June 2023. Click HERE
  2. Revision of the anti-trafficking directive. We are trying to get an amendment to classify surrogacy as trafficking
  3. Cross-border family situations – recognition of parenthood This approach is similar to that of the Hague Conference on “parentage in the context of surrogacy”. It is therefore dangerous because it will contribute to the social acceptance of surrogacy. Unfortunately, Ursulla Van der Leyen, to whom we wrote, and the parliamentary assistant we met do not see the problem.

The Hague Conference on Private International Law (HCCH).  We must continue our action

March 2

023. The HCCH mandated the creation of a working group on “parentage in general, including parentage resulting from an international surrogacy agreement”.

This new group of experts should approach the issue from a political rather than a technical point of view.

We have written to all Member States but have received very few replies. No government seems prepared to take a pro-abolition position at the Hague Conference.

ITALY – Hope

20/05/2023. Numerous feminist organisations opposed a baby fair in Milan (Italy) CLICK HERE 

4/06/2023. To support the vote for the law criminalising cross-border surrogacy clients, feminist organisations in Italy are waging a dynamic and powerful campaign. Click HERE 

SPAIN – actions

Spanish organisations and ICAMS are mobilising to prevent two pro-surrogacy congresses from taking place. PLEASE SIGN to support this action. Click HERE

QUEBEC – Bill 12 has passed

Unfortunately, despite the enormous amount of work put in by PDF Québec and WDI Québec, Bill L12 was passed, opening the door even wider to surrogacy. Details HERE

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