New action against HCCH’s draft convention on parentage

Context Since 2018, we have been attempting to alert States to the serious consequences of the draft convention initiated by the Hague Conference on Private International Law (HCCH) on “parentage in the context of surrogate motherhood”. In vain. The work of the HCCH is set to continue in a direction favourable to the surrogacy market […]

Petition Success Against Hague Conference

Appreciation goes out to the 8200 individuals (500 organizations) who signed the petitions opposing the Hague Conference’s initiatives regarding “parenting in the context of surrogacy.” The most recent petition garnered an additional 1,400 signatures on top of the previous ones. Together, these petitions represent a collective effort involving both individuals and organizations.  Check out the […]

At the Hague 13 11 2023. ICASM and Allies Challenged HCCH’s Global Surrogacy Project

Speeches by the organisations taking part in the rally in The Hague on 13 11 2023 Access to the speeches here (PDF document) : speeches for HCCH Access the video recording of the rally   Critiques of the HCCH’s potential role in legitimizing and regulating surrogacy.  Organizations speeches from: ICASM – CIAMS International Coalition […]

Some points against regulation/harmonisation of surrogacy by the Hague Conference on Private International Law

by Stoppt Leihmutterschaft – Austria – Felix  Surrogacy and international law Opinion on the mandate and negotiations of the Expert and Working Group of the General Affairs and Policy Council of the Hague Conference on Private International Law (HCCH) Background: From 2016-2022, an expert group of the HCCH met to examine the possibility of further […]

Criticism of the Hague Conference approach: Convention “For the Recognition of Legal Parentage Established as a Result of an International Surrogacy Contract”

Despite the human rights violations that surrogacy entails, the decision to persist for more than a decade in drafting an international instrument to regulate the practice is worrying. We condemn the decision to continue down this path instead of genuinely fighting for the rights of children and women who pay a high price for this […]


The Hague Conference on private international law has been working on the issue of surrogacy since 2001. Although aware of the harms of surrogacy, which she describes as a globalized market, she perseveres in an approach that, in the long term, will socially legitimize its practice, reducing in the eyes of public opinion women to […]


  It is worth paying attention to two initiatives that, under an alleged concern for the rights of children born through surrogacy, aim at regulating cross border surrogacy. Feminist critique of the Verona Principles The detailed analysis if the Verona Principles is available HERE Surrogate motherhood is a social practice that consists of recruiting a […]

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