Country: Greece Date: June 2022 Greece: Legislation Surrogacy in Greece is regulated by laws as well as by articles of the Greek Civil Code, court decisions and decisions of the National Authority for Medically Assisted Reproduction (NAMAR). The first law is Law 3089/2022[1] , followed three years later by Law 3305/2005[2] . The latest law […]

Manifesto against egg “donation”

  This manifesto is issued on the initiative of the Asturian Feminist Association (Spain) Rapiegas CIAMS supports this action. The link for the signature of this Manifesto is accessible at the end of the document.   WE ARE NOT COMMODITIES FOR THE REPRODUCTIVE INDUSTRY, WE ARE PEOPLE! STOP THE RECRUITMENT OF “DONORS” FOR THE REPRODUCTIVE […]

June-July 2020 – Surrogacy around the world

News on surrogacy is very contrasted in this pandemic time Regulatory pressure is still there. Bills or civil code reforms are under consideration in Argentina, Mexico and Colombia. In the Netherlands, there is an attempt to weaken the current rules governing surrogacy, while in Canada, the legislator is considering turning to commercial surrogacy. New scandals […]

May 2020. Surrogacy news around the world

Ukraine, United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Austria, Italy, Canada, Cambodia, the news on surrogacy is very rich in this period of pandemic The baby scandal in Ukraine is a further proof that surrogacy is similar to child trafficking. As we have written: “Commercial surrogacy is the sale of children, according to the UN definition: a […]

Book on Surrogacy – Call for paper

ICASM, International Coalition for the Abolition of Surrogate Motherhood, launches a call for contributions for a forthcoming publication   This book should draw up a kind of inventory of abolitionist feminist points of view on Surrogacy, crossing a variety of viewpoints and different approaches (essays, studies, testimonies, chronicles, humour, …).   We warmly invite community […]

For a LGBTI Pride 2019 without opression

This is a call from Spanish organizations who are opposed to the use of surrogacy This press release has been first published on From Stop Vientres de Alquiler,  RECAV  State Network Against the Surrogacy and NO somos vasijas, on the occasion of the International LGBTI Pride Day 2019, we believe it is necessary to launch this […]

LIST of all feminist women’s and civil society organizations signatories of the International Statement for a Global Ban on Womb Rental:

25th September 2018 / 25 de septiembre 2018 / 25 septembre 2018 LIST of all feminist women’s and civil society organizations signatories of the International Statement for a Global Ban on Womb Rental: Red Estatal Contra el Alquiler de Vientres (RECAV) / Spanish Network Against Womb Rental (SNAWR) – España La Coalition Internationale pour […]

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