The Hague Conference on Private International Law: definition The Hague Conference has 85 State Members, including the European Union Its aim “The Hague Conference aims to work for the progressive unification of the rules of private international law”. It does so by means of international conventions and optional protocols. Definition: “The convention: agreement between States, […]

Draft International Convention for the abolition of surrogacy

PART 1 : INTRODUCTION PART 1: INTRODUCTION In the 21st century, while the situation of women around the world is improving in some respects, it is also experiencing many obstacles and even setbacks. Despite United Nations declarations and the commitment of some States to gender equality, inequalities remain persistent. Political and legislative measures have not succeeded […]

200 Women’s rights organisations call for a ban on surrogacy in Ukraine

Press release 2020-06-03   Women’s rights organisations call for a ban on surrogacy in Ukraine   Recently international media have published shocking pictures from the Ukrainian surrogacy industry. Newborn babies in large numbers that cannot be picked up by foreign customers due to the countries’ closed borders during the COVID-19 pandemic. The situation has shed […]

May 2020. Surrogacy news around the world

Ukraine, United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Austria, Italy, Canada, Cambodia, the news on surrogacy is very rich in this period of pandemic The baby scandal in Ukraine is a further proof that surrogacy is similar to child trafficking. As we have written: “Commercial surrogacy is the sale of children, according to the UN definition: a […]

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