Some points against regulation/harmonisation of surrogacy by the Hague Conference on Private International Law

by Stoppt Leihmutterschaft – Austria – Felix  Surrogacy and international law Opinion on the mandate and negotiations of the Expert and Working Group of the General Affairs and Policy Council of the Hague Conference on Private International Law (HCCH) Background: From 2016-2022, an expert group of the HCCH met to examine the possibility of further […]

Seven points against surrogacy

In the context of the CSW67 on “Surrogacy a violation of human rights, a violence against women“, a conference led by CIAMS, we sent these seven points to members of UN agencies and institutions that represent and promote respect for human rights and are concerned by surrogacy. These points denounce the forms of violence and […]

Migrant women and reproductive exploitation[1] in the surrogacy industry. Joint investigation by ENoMW & ICASM

Research, carried out in 2021-2022 by ICASM and ENoMW on the use of women as “surrogate mothers”, oocyte donors or forced pregnancies in cross-border practices. (Study also available in PDF ENG Final Migration and surrogacy)     Migrant women and reproductive exploitation[1] in the surrogacy industry Introduction The International Coalition for the Abolition of Surrogacy […]

Petition to condemn the Hague Conference draft protocol and the Verona Principles as they aim at organising cross-border reproductive exploitation

The undersigned, feminist associations and other civil society organisations, as defenders of women’s and children’s human rights, consider that the two initiatives mentioned will facilitate and therefore encourage cross-border surrogacy, based on a misleading interpretation of the best interests of the child, trampling on women’s rights, for the sole benefit of those who have no […]

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