ICASM Newsletter – November 2023

Strength in Numbers: Petition Success Against Hague Conference  Appreciation goes out to the 8200 individuals (500 organizations) who signed the petitions opposing the Hague Conference’s initiatives regarding “parentage in the context of surrogacy.” The most recent petition garnered an additional 1,400 signatures on top of the previous ones. Together, these petitions represent a collective effort […]

ICASM Newsletter – October 2023

SIGN THE CALL TO STOP ALL ATTEMPTS TO ORGANIZE SURROGACY Together with more than 60 feminist and human rights organisations, ICASM has launched an urgent petition calling on the Hague Conference to reject proposed regulations that would expand commercial surrogacy globally. As an organization, ICASM sees surrogacy as a violation of human rights and feminist principles. […]

ICASM Newsletter – June 2023

UN. CONTACT WITH THE RAPPORTEUR ON VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN Following the event organised by ICAMS in New York in March 2023 (CSW67), we sent a statement to all UN Rapporteurs and Agencies involved in one way or another with the issue of surrogacy, highlighting the extent to which surrogacy undermines women’s rights. In response, the […]

ICASM – Newsletter – April 2023

NEW DEBATE IN SPAIN ON SURROGACY AND ABORTION  The reform of the Law on Sexual Health and Voluntary Termination of Pregnancy recognizes surrogacy as a form of violence against women and a serious violation of our reproductive rights, reiterating the prohibition of this practice in Spain and also prohibiting any advertising by agencies that profit […]

Some points against regulation/harmonisation of surrogacy by the Hague Conference on Private International Law

by Stoppt Leihmutterschaft – Austria – Felix  Surrogacy and international law Opinion on the mandate and negotiations of the Expert and Working Group of the General Affairs and Policy Council of the Hague Conference on Private International Law (HCCH) Background: From 2016-2022, an expert group of the HCCH met to examine the possibility of further […]

Seven points against surrogacy

In the context of the CSW67 on “Surrogacy a violation of human rights, a violence against women“, a conference led by CIAMS, we sent these seven points to members of UN agencies and institutions that represent and promote respect for human rights and are concerned by surrogacy. These points denounce the forms of violence and […]

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