Petition to condemn the Hague Conference draft protocol and the Verona Principles as they aim at organising cross-border reproductive exploitation

The undersigned, feminist associations and other civil society organisations, as defenders of women’s and children’s human rights, consider that the two initiatives mentioned will facilitate and therefore encourage cross-border surrogacy, based on a misleading interpretation of the best interests of the child, trampling on women’s rights, for the sole benefit of those who have no […]

September 2020 – Surrogacy around the world 

  We are very pleased to announce the membership of NORDIC MODEL NOW Welcome to NORDIC MODEL NOW (see below the invitation to their 6 September action) The Coalition has 36 organizations in 11 countries (Canada, Japan, Australia, Sweden, Romania, Austria, United Kingdom, Belgium, Italy, Spain, France). Take part in WHAT’S WRONG WITH SURROGACY […]

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