Abolir la compraventa de niñas y niños y la explotación reproductiva de sus madres

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On November 13, the International Coalition for the Abolition of Reproductive Exploitation (CIAMS) organized a concentration at the Conference of International Private Law (HCCH) to protest against the work that was carried out at the end of the regular period. cross-border subrogated management.

From November 13, 2023, the HCCH will create a work group responsible for drafting an agreement that allows the cross-border recognition of the contracts of the subrogated management. In other words, regularize and legalize de facto the subrogated management in the world.

The sole purpose of the HCCH is to link the land to the baby buyers and the global market that obtains enormous profits from the reproductive exploitation of women on which the subrogated management is based. This practice is not something other than the knowledge of children and children and the profession of human beings (véanse las definitions del Protocolo de Palermo). At any time there are human losses: neither the loss of women, because the surrogate pregnancy represents an accumulation of violence against women, nor has there been a recurrence by the love between women and men, nor the loss of women girls and children, these items are taken to transform the persons they have received into contract objects.

Denunciamos la opacidad con la que operata la Conferencia de La Haya y como de manera antidemocrata pretensione to impose an international regulation of a practice contrary to human dignity.

The associations of feminists and defenders of the derechos of women and of girls and children, members of the CIAMS, together with 8,000 people who petitioned for the CIAMS, have submitted a petition to the Estados miembros de la Conferencia de The Law says that we do not sacrifice human dignity in the market and have the value of abolishing the sale of children and the reproductive exploitation of women, falsely called subrogated gestation.



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