Article 1 –Name

An association, governed by the French law of July 1st, 1901 (decree of the 16th of august 1901) is established, between the moral persons adhering to the present statutes, bearing the name of COALITION FOR THE ABOLITION OF SURROGATE MOTHERHOOD, hereinafter referred to as “the Association”.

The duration of the Association will be unlimited.

Article 2 – Aim

The Association thus created is defined as a structure that promotes the rights of women on feminist positions and in particular :

  • gender equality;
  • emancipation and autonomy of women;
  • legal access to abortion and contraception;
  • equality between heterosexual and homosexual sexualities (considering the rules defining the sexual majority in each country).

Its purpose is to contribute to the adoption and implementation of legislation and public policies to abolish surrogate motherhood at national, continental and international levels.

To achieve this objective, the Association may implement several types of actions :

  • strengthen the capacity of actions of all its members in their respective mobilizations;
  • lead and coordinate joint actions to increase the collective impact of its members;
  • analyse, criticize, co-author texts that can be presented to the competent parliamentary and executive bodies, in order to obtain European and international legislation in favour of the abolition of surrogate motherhood.

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